Objectives: Upon completion of the course, students will

1. improve physical fitness through participation in swimming.

2. acquire knowledge of water safety.

3. gain confidence and survive in water.

4. Learn basic swimming strokes, such as front crawl stroke and breaststroke.

5. learn the basic rules in swimming competition.


Outline of Content:

1. Fundamental techniques
  a. Entry into water.
  b. Floatation with floating board.
  c. Breathing techniques.
2. Swimming Skills
  a. Front Crawl Stroke:
    i. Armstroke: downsweep, insweep, upsweep and recovery.
    ii. Kick: downbeat, upbeat
    iii. Timing of the arms and legs: 6-beat, 2-beat, and 4-beat kick
    iv. Body position and breathing
  b. Turining
  c. Compeittion Start
  d. Brief introduction of different strokes



Attendance / Participation 40%

Skill Examination 40%

Written Examination 20%



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